The k2, historic hotel in Madesimo since 1955 welcomes anyone who wants to enjoy real hospitality, where guests are not a number. Opened by Mr. Carlo Giovanonni. He and his wife Aldina Pedroncelli ran it for more than twenty years with passion and special dedication to their guests. Then, in 1977 they decided to change lifestyle, which is when our story begins.


Lino Gianera, our father, was born in Madesimo, from a large and full of life family. Large, simple and honest the Gianera tribe has taken different paths, the one our father took ,with his cardboard suitcase at the age of 13, led him to 20 years travelling around Italy, working in restaurants and hotels, from the boy lost in mountains of potatoes to peel, to the Chef appreciated for his taste and love for his work.


But he had enough of working with other people’s pots and pans so he decided to return to Madesimo to do something of his own and he started managing the k2.Here he met our mother, Pierangela- but she likes to be called Piera - a woman small in stature, but big in character, strong willed, tireless worker and perpetually in love with her plants that fill the rooms of the Hotel. The two of them, with the help of the family ,ran the hotel with love, passion and dedication. Many guests have passed before them, often becoming friends. Meanwhile we are born: Daniele, Renato and Michele, three lively children running around the tables, growing on bread and hospitality. The years go by, Madesimo grows and k2 grows as well, then, one night in 1991, Lino- as they used to call him- passed away leaving Piera with three young children and a hotel to run.


She didn't give up and with the help of the family managed to keep things going. In the meantime we grow up, we have always worked at the hotel, but it's only in the '2000s after finishing school that we start working full-time in hospitality.


Since then we carry on what our parents taught us, the sacredness of the guest and a love for our job. In recent years Daniele has

chosen another path but you will still find Michele, Renato and Piera ready to welcome you.


The k2 hotel and restaurant has changed over the years has been renewed and continues to do so offering local cuisine, wines of Valtellina and cosy rooms but, some things will never change, the family air that you breathe and the quality of services, the love for Madesimo, and there is more but that's for you to find out during your stay with us.

Michele Gianera

Our Story

Albergo K2 Via Carducci 11 23024 Madesimo (So) - P.I. 00639390145 Tel. 0343 53340 - Fax 0343 57766



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